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I’m particularly interested in aircraft that crashed, on take off or landing, on or around the airfield:and any groundcrew who may have been involved with 35 squadron who were based at Graveley during WW2.

24th July 2014: From Mrs Carole Bishopp

Geoffrey North, known in the RAF as Johnny, was stationed at Graveley, serving as RearGunner during '44/45, his last op being  on the night of 21/21 Feb,
 when they were brought down by enemy fire. He was awarded the DFC, which was a rare distinction for a rear gunner.
I visited the  Memorial on 17/07/14 with Peter Taylor, and was "blown away" with the setting and the peace, which must be so very different from his
 observations way back then. What a wonderful place to stand and consider the bravery of all those who took part in the activities of this RAF base during 
those days, and what a fitting Memorial to all those brave people. 
Thank you to all those who battled to get this Memorial Stone "off the ground", it does you all great credit.
And Thank You Peter, for all your work in caring for the garden, as well as the Veterans.

G J North was rear gunner of Lancaster ME367 TL-R which was lost 21/02/1945 on operation to Duisberg.The pilot was killed, the rest of the crew 
including Geoffrey North were taken prisoner.